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A big thank you for putting together the art workshop for the away day........

For me this was the only activity that really felt like we were embracing The Five Ways and really dropping into some mindful activity.

I loved the whole approach and set up and your thought and effort that went into it. Ideally would have liked more time (always the way).-



-Community Health Trainer & Stop Smoking Practitioner

What is High Performance?

The definition of High Performance  "excelling and exceeding above standard norms over the long-term as a result of heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence."

It is a behavioural science that deconstructs your habits and reconstructs your life so that your behaviour is aligned with your goal/vision.
This is not some magical thinking. It is a scientific process that was developed by analysing behavioural data collected from some of the world’s highest performers, across a spectrum of occupations and disciplines; sports; business; public life; science and the arts.

Anchored in powerful questions that hold us accountable, we can take charge of our lives and go more confidently in the direction of our vision and dreams. 


This coaching practice brings those dreams into actual reality. It isn’t rocket science. It is behavioural science.


Empowerment is  such a powerful way of honouring the genius within. Education means to "draw out". I believe when we empower ourselves we are drawing out the miracle that is already within us. Coaching facilitates this journey.


Through High Performance and NLP Mind coaching, we will take a look at the eight quadrants of Empowerment. Here are some examples:

Mental Empowerment: Your thought patterns, beliefs and the way you think about yourself and others. 


Emotional Empowerment: Do you have the capacity to cope with life – if not, why not? How can we help rebuild self-esteem and confidence.  If yes, how can we take you to the next stage along your journey. 


Spiritual Empowerment: Using tools such as journaling, meditation and quiet time we learn to understand the power of sitting and being with self to listen for the answers already within. 


Physical Empowerment: What is going on in your energy?  Do you have the stamina, strength and vitality to do all the things you wish? How can we ensure that this happens?


Social EmpowermentOur levels of influence include the one we have with ourselves.  Are you showing up as the person you desire to be?  Are you keeping your word to yourself and others?

I am a qualified and intuitive empowerment coach.  I will challenge you, hold accountability, champion and celebrate with you!  My intention is to get the best out of you, for you, with you! This is a journey that we take together. With your dedication and with my coaching and life experience, we can uncover those limited beliefs, tap into your courage thereby raising your confidence and really set you on a path that is created by you - for you! 

Each week will be a new adventure of consistent focus deeply uncovering your strengths, your patterns of thinking and your daily habits. You CAN empower your life!


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