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Client Feedback

Nadine is the person that you want in your corner and on your team. I highly recommend Nadine if you are the type of person who wants to perform at your highest level in all aspects of your life - as a coach, she is the real deal!


Nadine started by addressing my mentality and the way I came across when approaching work as well as my personal life. From a performance perspective I feel that it has helped me to be consistent which is key, as well as understand that it is ok not to compromise at times (personal life).

I feel like my approach to work and life in general is a lot more positive!        

Corporate Client

Nadine helped me shift my mindset from an 'outside-in' to an 'inside-out' mentality……Now, I understand that I validate my own choices, I accept who I am, and I have the agency to organise the time in my life to live from the heart and prioritise the things I love.     Ruth


For me Nadine helped me find the confidence to allow myself to be seen…..Through this programme I was able to examine, define and value my skills, Thank you so much for this Nadine.

Thank you so much for the most wonderful and  transformative course.     Philippa


I feel “in charge” and fired up and I’m so incredibly thankful to you and this group for all of the valuable lessons and strategies that I will continue to implement in my life.

Thank you so much for your abundant generosity and light.     Kara                          


Prior to my coaching sessions with Nadine I had just been made redundant and had lost a lot of confidence. Nadine helped me to build up confidence again as well as improve my public speaking through practical exercises which taught me techniques I still use now.

Corporate Client

Nadine was very helpful and she gave me a sense of freedom and empowerment to talk openly about me. The advice that she gave wasn’t theoretical. It was practical, something

I could action immediately.

Corporate Client

When meeting with Nadine I had just started my role within the Company. Nadine really helped me in establishing some great organisational processes in work and out of work too. She has a great energy and I found that she helped me build my confidence, something that was very useful when finding my feet in a new company!

Corporate Client

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