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As a Conscious Creative Leader, I see it as my responsibility  to show up in the world effectively; with the tools and forms of expression bestowed upon me to support the empowerment of the human experience.


I have trained as a Certified High Performance Coach; an Accredited NLP Mind Coach and most recently as a Physical Intelligence Coach. I am also an internationally recognised professional Operatic Soprano. 

The journey has been challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Through a process of deconstructing/reconstructing my own habits;  to align with my goals and empower my own thought processes, I am devoted to sharing with you the skills and insights that I have acquired. 

Having worked within a blue-chip corporate environment, coaching became a lifeline for me! 

I remember turning up at the Irish Institute of NLP 22 years ago having read the book "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins knowing without doubt that I was ready for a complete life overhaul.  I was thirsty! 


I had come from a lineage of dysfunction, surrounded by people who had done the best that they could with the resources available to them.  I knew that there had to be another way for me and I was determined to find it.  I wished to redefine my story and say "no" to the learned limited patterns of behaviour that had been driving my life.


I set about learning the practices and tools for being a great NLP Practitioner, Master, Business Practitioner and eventually completed a Diploma in Mind Coaching.  


I became more curious and decided to investigate further and spent huge amounts of time on Psychotherapeutic retreats, individual and group therapy which stretched my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I wished to really release the emotional blocks and addiction that had been ruling my life. 


By this time I had fundamentally changed my life patterns (paradigm) but still I couldn't quite grasp what it would take to get to the centre of my dreams.  This is where I encountered the practices of Brendon Burchard and soaked up the work of  "High Performance". What were the practices of the most successful people around the world?  This training allowed me to embody the habits of these people through a scientific process of coaching.  Eight years ago, I furthered my training and qualified as a Certified High Performance Coach.  


Most recently I have been engaged in finding the physical practices that when aligned with the mental practices propel us into an even greater conversation with our mind and body that can support the most challenging moments of our success. This has been mind blowing and I have since qualified as a Physical Intelligence Coach. 


I love this work! This is not a job for me.  It is a way of life! 


After 22 years of self-development, what is really clear to me is that I am a more compassionate, loving, kind, understanding, motivated, aligned, focused and generous human being because of this coaching journey which I continue to lead and walk into, and I have been rewarded for this by being given an MBE in 2021 for Creative Empowerment. We can only take people as far we are willing to go! 


I would love to share your journey with you using my knowledge to facilitate a moment, a week, a month or even a year of transformation with you.  I know that anything is possible and I can't wait to see the many possibilities that are waiting for you!  If you would like to see what this could mean for you - please contact me here!

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